Ben Rogers

  • 2014 Revenue Needs to Focus on Member Benefit

    In this exclusive report from Filene, learn how to balance the demands of producing fee revenue while returning value to members.

  • Go and Do, Not Wait and See: Filene Exclusive

    Earlier today, I opened an email window, typed in my boss’s name, cc’d, and entered $5 in the subject line. I sent the email, and Square sent back a simple request for my debit card number. My boss received a similar request, he entered his debit information, and the...

  • Your Best Recruiting Tool is Not What You Think: Guest Opinion

    Abraham Maslow would have been a great recruiter. The groundbreaking psychologist described human needs from the bottom up: people first seek physical survival, then safety, then belonging and acceptance, and finally a life in which they can create and positively affect others. The work world follows a similar progression as...

  • Guest Opinion: Business Loans Are Economic Kindling

    Washington was embroiled in a game of fiscal chicken at the end of the year. Unemployment is high at 7.7%. The 2.5 million people who are unemployed but so discouraged that they’re not actively looking are unchanged from 2011.

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