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Publication DateContent TitlePublicationDescriptionSpace Close Materials DueAudiencePractice AreasPOD OptionDistribution
6/28/23Cybersecurity Strategies*Credit Union TimesA look at the latest tools and strategies to fight back against cyber attacks.6/7/236/14/23Financial Services/Banking/Accountingboth
7/26/23CU-Fintech Partnerships*Credit Union TimesThe evolution happening between CUs and third-party organizations to achieve digital growth goals.7/5/237/12/23Financial Services/Banking/Accountingboth
8/23/23Improving the Member Experience*Credit Union TimesFrom digital to in-person, how CUs can step up their game for their membership base.8/2/238/9/23Financial Services/Banking/Accountingboth
10/25/23Commercial/Business Lending*Credit Union TimesBreaking down the latest CU data to reveal lending trends in commercial and business lending.10/4/2310/11/23Financial Services/Banking/Accountingboth
11/22/23M&As: Trends and Challenges*Credit Union TimesA detailed look at the history of M&As to show where the CU industry is heading.11/1/2311/8/23Financial Services/Banking/Accountingboth
6/16/23Special Section: HR InsightsBenefitsPROSpecial Section: HR Insights5/22/235/29/23Companyboth
6/16/23Expo RecapBenefitsPROA recap of the 2022 Expo5/22/235/29/23Companyboth
6/16/23Benefits communicationBenefitsPROThe latest strategies and trends in the communication space5/22/235/29/23Companyboth
6/16/23C-SuiteBenefitsPROBenefits advisors are increasingly working with the C-Suite. What are the best strategies?5/22/235/29/23Companyboth
6/16/23Health Care SurveyBenefitsPROThe annual health care survey allows brokers to share their thoughts5/22/235/29/23Companyboth
6/16/23TransparencyBenefitsPROFrom new laws to the evolution of tools and strategies, the latest trends and strategies in the industry's moves toward more trans5/22/235/29/23Companyboth
6/10/23Hurricane Season WatchNU Property & CasualtyParametric insurance update5/23/235/16/23Real Estateboth
6/12/23Top 40 Law FirmsNew Jersey Law JournalOur annual ranking of New Jersey Law firms.5/31/236/5/23Law Firmboth
6/12/23Atlanta Firm FinancialsDaily ReportYearly report on revenue/profit at BigLaw in Atlanta6/2/236/9/23Law Firmboth
7/3/23Asset Management ExcellenceInvestment AdvisorA review of top investment managers in different asset categories6/5/236/12/23Financial Services/Banking/Accountingboth
6/27/23Professional Excellence/Lawyers on the Fast TrackThe Legal IntelligencerAttorney of the year finalists, distinguished leaders and lifetime achievement winner profiles. Also, Lawyers on the Fast Track.6/5/236/5/23Law Firmboth
6/20/23Real EstateNew York Law JournalROP report will contain four to six bylined articles on the referenced topic.6/8/236/12/23Law Firmboth
6/21/23Georgia Legal Awards 2Daily Report70-plus awards in Two Sections6/8/236/13/23Law Firmboth
6/20/23Georgia Legal Awards 1Daily Report70-plus awards in Two Sections6/8/236/13/23Law Firmboth
6/19/23Top NJ Settlements (VerdictSearch)New Jersey Law JournalProvided by VerdictSearch -- Top settlements, mediations and arbitrations in NJ6/8/236/12/23Law Firmboth
6/26/23White-Collar CrimeNew York Law JournalROP report will contain four to six bylined articles on the referenced topic.6/15/236/19/23Law Firmboth
6/26/23Pro Bono RankingsThe American LawyerRankings of leading law firms in pro bono.6/19/236/23/23Law Firmonline
6/26/23Firm Census/Financials (Review 100)Daily Business ReviewProfiles of law firms and financials in Sorth Florida6/19/236/23/23Law Firmboth
7/4/23Best Legal and Litigation DepartmentsThe Legal IntelligencerAwards for best in-house legal departments, litigation departments and individual general counsel.6/24/236/20/23Law Firmboth
7/10/23CannabisNew Jersey Law JournalContributed articles by attorneys on developments and current topics in cannabis law.6/27/236/30/23Law Firmboth
7/19/23Family LawThe Legal IntelligencerDevelopments in Family Law from expert practitioners.6/28/237/5/23Law Firmboth
7/17/23NYLJ 100New York Law JournalTabloid report listing top 100 firms based on their number of lawyers in NY. Plus charts of government office headcounts.6/29/237/6/23Law Firmboth
7/1/23Woman of InfluenceReal Estate Forumnomination based (awards component)7/3/237/10/23Real Estateboth
7/1/23Is the CRE Industry LGBTQ+ Diverse?Real Estate ForumWomen and women of color have made advances over the years in CRE but when talking about diversity it is also important to include7/3/237/10/23Real Estateboth
7/1/23What Does a CRE Leader Look LikeReal Estate ForumThere are still few female heads ? especially women of color ? at CRE companies although many have made inroads throughout the C s7/3/237/10/23Real Estateboth
7/1/23How to Mimic Women's Smarts When It Comes to NumbersReal Estate ForumSeveral studies have shown that women deliver better returns to their companies as CFOs and investment managers than their male co7/3/237/10/23Real Estateboth
7/11/23CybersecurityThe Legal IntelligencerDevelopments in Cybersecurity from expert practitioners.7/4/237/11/23Law Firmboth
7/17/23Summer AssociatesNew Jersey Law JournalReview and analysis of summer programs at large law firms.7/5/237/10/23Law Firmboth
7/17/23DiversityDaily Business ReviewFocus on diversity in South Florida legal profession7/10/237/14/23Law Firmboth
7/26/23Energy/Environmental LawThe Legal IntelligencerDevelopments in Energy/Environmental Law from expert practitioners.7/11/237/18/23Law Firmboth
7/24/23Matrimonial LawNew York Law JournalROP report will contain four to six bylined articles on the referenced topic.7/13/237/17/23Law Firmboth
8/1/23Construction LawThe Legal IntelligencerDevelopments in Construction Law from expert practitioners.7/18/237/25/23Law Firmboth
8/5/23Excellence in Workers' Comp Risk Management Award WinnersNU Property & CasualtyThe Top 100: Carriers, groups as reported by S&P Global Intelligence7/18/237/11/23Real Estateboth
7/31/23Supreme Court Final Rule AmendmentsNew Jersey Law JournalNew Jersey Supreme Court Final Rule Amendments7/20/237/26/23Law Firmboth
8/18/23Self-fundingBenefitsPROA growing number of advisors and employers are looking to self-funding for more control, trasparency and creativity7/24/237/31/23Companyboth
8/18/23Midlevel Associates SurveyThe American LawyerThe firms with the most satisfied associates.7/24/237/31/23Law Firmboth
8/18/23Industry ConsolidationBenefitsPROHow mergers/consolidation shape the industry7/24/237/31/23Companyboth
8/18/23Compliance ConcernsBenefitsPROPartnerships are more important than ever Finding the right fit (coaches, partners, TPAs)7/24/237/31/23Companyboth
8/18/23Special Section: Voluntary SolutionsBenefitsPROOur regular look at voluntary benefits7/24/237/31/23Companyboth
8/18/23Power of PartnershipsBenefitsPROBenefits advisors are increasingly working with the C-Suite. What are the best strategies?7/24/237/31/23Companyboth
8/18/23The A-ListThe American LawyerThe top 20 firms that lead the industry: pro bono, associate satisfaction, diversity and financial performance.7/24/237/31/23Law Firmboth
8/7/23Personal Injury Top AwardsNew Jersey Law JournalA ranking of the top personal injury awards published in NJ Law Journal over the last year. Also includes contributed articles fro7/27/237/31/23Law Firmboth
8/7/23Alternative Dispute ResoutionNew York Law JournalROP report will contain four to six bylined articles on the referenced topic.7/27/237/31/23Law Firmboth
9/1/232023 ThinkAdvisor LUMINARIES - Part I*Investment AdvisorThe stories of award-winning individuals and firms in thought leadership, and diversity, equity & inclusion.7/31/238/7/23Financial Services/Banking/Accountingboth
9/1/23Influencers in industrialReal Estate Forumnomination based8/7/238/14/23Real Estateboth
9/1/23Influencers in Net LeaseReal Estate Forumnomination based8/7/238/14/23Real Estateboth
9/1/23What are the emerging niches within the industrial asset class?Real Estate ForumWarehouses and logistics and fulfillment centers are mainstays of the industrial asset class. But there are subcategories within t8/7/238/14/23Real Estateboth
8/14/23Climate Change in FloridaDaily Business ReviewThis is peak hurricane season, which has insurance, real estate and litigation implications.8/7/238/11/23Law Firmboth
9/1/23Where are the emerging market for industrial?Real Estate ForumInland Empire, Miami, the NJ corridor and other gateway markets have traditionally been the major markets for the industrial asset8/7/238/14/23Real Estateboth
9/1/23Is net lease still a stable investment?Real Estate ForumLast year like so many assets, net lease deals repriced amid rising inflation and rising interest rates. But while the initial rep8/7/238/14/23Real Estateboth
8/29/23Insurance LawThe Legal IntelligencerDevelopments in Insurance Law from expert practitioners.8/8/238/15/23Law Firmboth
8/21/23Court of Appeals & Appellate PracticeNew York Law JournalPractitioner analysis of notable rulings from the Court's recent term, and more.8/10/238/14/23Law Firmboth
9/8/23Fraud detection & Specialty InsuranceClaims- Specialty insurance case study - New & evolving fraud trends - Fraud detection technology8/14/238/21/23Financial Services/Banking/Accountingboth
9/9/23E&S Market UpdateNU Property & CasualtyEmbedded Insurance: Competition and Opportunities8/15/238/22/23Real Estateboth
8/28/23Fashion LawNew York Law JournalROP report will contain four to six bylined articles on the referenced topic.8/17/238/21/23Law Firmboth
9/15/23Health Care Reform: What's Next?BenefitsPROThe latest on health care reform and other regulation.8/21/238/28/23Companyboth
9/15/23Open EnrollmentBenefitsPROThe latest strategies, trends and advice from industry experts8/21/238/28/23Companyboth
9/15/232023 Wrap upBenefitsPROA look back at the year in benefits8/21/238/28/23Companyboth
9/15/23Industry OverviewBenefitsPROWhat will the year ahead hold for benefits professionals?8/21/238/28/23Companyboth
9/22/23The Global 200The American LawyerThe world's top-grossing law firms and what makes them so successful.8/28/239/4/23Law Firmboth
9/22/23China 50The American LawyerA ranking of China's largest law firms by revenue and profitability.8/28/239/4/23Law Firmboth
9/22/23Summer Associates SurveyThe American LawyerSummer Associates Survey8/28/239/4/23Law Firmboth
9/22/23Asia 50The American LawyerAsia's largest law firms by head count.8/28/239/4/23Law Firmboth
9/11/23Commercial Real Estate Annual ReportDaily Business ReviewCommercial real estate special section.8/30/239/6/23Law Firmboth
9/11/23In-House GeorgiaDaily ReportReport focused on GC compensation for/about in-house counsel: practiioner insights and in-house profile8/30/239/4/23Law Firmboth
9/11/23Trusts & EstatesNew York Law JournalROP report will contain four to six bylined articles on the referenced topic.8/31/239/5/23Law Firmboth
9/11/23Litigation Depts and In-House AwardsNew Jersey Law JournalDescriptions of the winning litigation departments and in-house counsel for 2023.8/31/239/4/23Law Firmboth
9/26/23GC CompensationThe Legal IntelligencerCharts of GC compensation in Pennsylvania.9/2/239/5/23Law Firmboth
10/1/23NU/PC360 Luminaries Class of 2023NU Property & CasualtyInsurance career building/hiring best practices9/6/239/13/23Real Estateboth
9/18/23Corporate Restructuring & BankruptcyNew York Law JournalROP report will contain four to six bylined articles on the referenced topic.9/7/239/11/23Law Firmboth
9/18/23Legal AwardsNew Jersey Law JournalDescriptions of 2023's award winners, including Attorney of the Year finalists, Lifetime Achievement, New Leaders, etc.9/7/239/11/23Law Firmboth
11/1/23Influencers in Healthcare and senior livingReal Estate Forumnomination based9/11/239/18/23Real Estateboth
10/1/23Influencers in MultifamilyReal Estate Forumnomination based9/11/239/18/23Real Estateboth
10/1/23Have Tenants Been Able to Handle Multifamily's Rent Increases?Real Estate ForumIn 2021 and to a lesser extent 2022, apartment tenants saw historic increases in rent. How have they handled this repricing, espec9/11/239/18/23Real Estateboth
11/1/232024 VisionReal Estate ForumWhat will the new year bring in terms of the economy and CRE investment in the various asset classes?9/11/239/18/23Real Estateboth
10/1/23Apartment Owners Grow Increasingly Savvy with TechReal Estate ForumApartment owners are increasingly adopting advanced tech for their apartments that go far beyond smart doorbells. What are some of9/11/239/18/23Real Estateboth
10/1/23Where Are We on Housing Affordability?Real Estate ForumThe US is still in an affordable housing crisis. What progress has been made on this front in the last year and what financial too9/11/239/18/23Real Estateboth
10/10/23Workers CompThe Legal IntelligencerWorkers' Compensation developments.9/19/239/26/23Law Firmboth
10/2/23Insurance LawNew York Law JournalROP report will contain four to six bylined articles on the referenced topic.9/21/239/25/23Law Firmboth
10/26/23Power of PartnershipsBenefitsPROPartnerships are more important than ever Finding the right fit (coaches, partners, TPAs)9/26/2310/3/23Companyboth
10/26/23Special Section: Voluntary SolutionsBenefitsPROOur regular look at voluntary benefits9/26/2310/3/23Companyboth
10/26/23Health Care Reform: What's Next?BenefitsPROThe latest on health care reform and other regulation.9/26/2310/3/23Companyboth
10/9/23ADRDaily ReportReport with lawyer-written articles about ADR9/27/2310/2/23Law Firmboth
10/10/23GC CompensationNew York Law JournalROP report with analysis of NY-based GC compensation9/28/2310/2/23Law Firmboth
10/2/23Professional ExcellenceNew York Law JournalProfiles on Professional Excellence honorees10/2/2310/2/23Law Firmonline
11/1/232023 ThinkAdvisor LUMINARIES - Part II*Investment AdvisorThe stories of award-winning individuals and firms in executive leadership and community impact.10/2/2310/9/23Financial Services/Banking/Accountingboth
10/17/23DiversityThe Legal IntelligencerThis supplement includes practice articles and a roundtable discussion on diversity.10/3/2310/10/23Law Firmboth
10/16/23GC CompensationNew Jersey Law JournalA survey of compensation of general counsel in New Jersey.10/5/2310/5/23Law Firmboth
10/16/23Mergers & AcquisitionsNew York Law JournalROP report will contain four to six bylined articles on the referenced topic.10/5/2310/10/23Law Firmboth
10/24/23Fall Bar PassDaily ReportAdvice for new lawyers by our readers, plus a list of hundreds of people who just passed the bar--again, this may be MUCH differen10/12/2310/19/23Law Firmboth
11/13/23New Associates YearbookNew Jersey Law JournalA yearbook-style listing of newly hired associates at New Jersey law firms.10/12/2310/16/23Law Firmboth
11/10/23Year in Review/Hall of Shame/SubrogationClaims- Protecting evidence for subrogation cases - Year in review -Hall of Shame Winners -Salary survey10/16/2310/23/23Financial Services/Banking/Accountingboth
11/7/23Personal InjuryThe Legal IntelligencerDevelopments in Personal Injury from expert practitioners. Need four to six practice articles.10/17/2310/31/23Law Firmboth
11/10/232023 Agency of the Year Winner ProfilesNU Property & CasualtyCyber risk and insurance update (Focus on school districts and municiaplites)10/17/2310/24/23Real Estateboth
10/31/23Labor & Employment LawThe Legal IntelligencerDevelopments in Labor & Employment from expert practitioners. Need four to six practice articles.10/18/2310/24/23Law Firmboth
11/17/23New Partners SurveyThe American LawyerWhat it takes to make partner.10/23/2310/30/23Law Firmboth
11/17/23The American Lawyer Industry AwardsThe American LawyerProfiles of the firms and lawyers being honored.10/23/2310/30/23Law Firmboth
11/17/23Litigation Departments of the YearThe American LawyerProfiles of the firms with the best litigation practices in the country.10/23/2310/30/23Law Firmboth
11/17/23Lifetime AchieversThe American LawyerHighlights of the distinguished careers of those within the most prominent law firms and organizations in the U.S.10/23/2310/30/23Law Firmboth
11/23/23Special Section: Inside WellnessBenefitsPROOur regular look at wellness10/24/2310/31/23Companyboth
11/23/23Benefits CommunicationBenefitsPROThe latest strategies and trends in the communication space10/24/2310/31/23Companyboth
11/23/232022 Wrap upBenefitsPROA look back at the year in benefits10/24/2310/31/23Companyboth
11/23/23Industry OverviewBenefitsPROWhat will the year ahead hold for benefits professionals?10/24/2310/31/23Companyboth
11/6/23Diverse AttorneysNew Jersey Law JournalBios of diverse attorneys who are being recognized as outstanding in their field.10/25/2310/30/23Law Firmboth
11/6/23Labor & EmploymentNew York Law JournalROP report will contain four to six bylined articles on the referenced topic.10/26/2310/30/23Law Firmboth
11/6/23Latin AmericaDaily Business ReviewFocus on Latin America legal and policy developments.10/30/2311/3/23Law Firmboth
12/1/23Top Advisor News of 2023Investment AdvisorReview of top industry developments and why they matter to advisors.10/30/2311/6/23Financial Services/Banking/Accountingboth
11/13/23LitigationNew York Law JournalROP report will contain four to six bylined articles on the referenced topic.11/2/2311/6/23Law Firmboth
11/1/23Will Life Sciences Crowd Out MOB Investment?Real Estate ForumLife sciences real estate have attracted a lot of investment in recent years. Is it in danger of cannibalizing the investment in o11/6/2311/13/23Real Estateboth
11/1/23Does Senior Housing Have an Affordability Problem?Real Estate ForumAs with multifamily, there has been a push among senior housing developers to build class A luxury product. But where does this le11/6/2311/13/23Real Estateboth
11/20/23Alternative Dispute ResoutionNew York Law JournalROP report will contain four to six bylined articles on the referenced topic.11/9/2311/13/23Law Firmboth
11/20/23NJ LawNew Jersey Law JournalA collection of data regarding the legal profession in New Jersey, gathered and analyzed over the last year.11/9/2311/13/23Law Firmboth
11/27/23CybersecurityNew Jersey Law JournalContributed articles from legal technology experts on developments in the area of cybersecurity.11/15/2311/20/23Law Firmboth
12/6/23Young Lawyer Awards (might change the name - open to ideas)Daily Business ReviewMini awards series for young/newer attorneys11/20/2311/29/23Law Firmboth
12/19/23PaLaw2022The Legal IntelligencerData, charts, articles on the year in law.11/21/2311/28/23Law Firmprint
12/4/23White-Collar CrimeNew York Law JournalROP report will contain four to six bylined articles on the referenced topic.11/23/2311/28/23Law Firmboth
12/13/23In-House GeorgiaDaily ReportReport for/about in-house counsel: practiioner insights and in-house profile11/29/2312/6/23Law Firmboth
12/11/23Product Liability & Class ActionsNew Jersey Law JournalContributed articles on current developments in these areas of law from expert practitioners.11/29/2312/4/23Law Firmboth
12/11/23LitigationNew York Law JournalROP report will contain four to six bylined articles on the referenced topic.11/30/2312/4/23Law Firmboth

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