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Share One


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  • Data Processing

Share One, a CUSO software developer, offers over three decades of reliable core processing experience serving the credit union industry. NewSolutions, our flexible, user-friendly core system, is a collaborative design created by credit union professionals and our expert programmers. NewSolutlons is Windows-based, uses MS-SQL server, and is supported by an experienced team. The robust system offers many integrated modules including: member level imaging, NSQuery Reporting, Relationship, Cross-Sell, Collections, General Ledger, Business Accounts/Lending and more. Our expanding, responsive NS3 web-based suite- NSHome, NSMobile, NSJoin, NSLoan and NSReports deliver an omnichannel member experience. Delivery options include In-House, Service Center and Hosted In-House. www.shareone.com.

Contact Information

  • jnieman@shareone.com
  • Contact Phone
  • 800-888-0766
  • Location
  • 2650 Thousand Oaks Blvd., Suite 1120,
    Memphis, Tennessee, us 38118


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