CUcorp has announced that the Invest in America program has expanded to offer credit union members discounts from FTD and CU Benefits Express.

Credit union members now receive a 20% discount on FTD flowers and gifts and a seven day satisfaction guarantee through the Invest in America program. The program will run through Oct. 31, 2010.

CU Benefits Express is offering the partnership through Credit Union Resources, an affiliated company of the Texas Credit Union League, and will now offer credit union members discounts on a medical benefits and a lifestyle benefits package. Each package will cost credit union members around $12.00 a month and includes more than a dozen free and discounted programs, such as LifeLock identity theft services and TelaDoc, a 24/7 phone access to doctors.

“There has never been a better time to be a member of a credit union. The new ‘Invest in America’ offers from American companies resonate with credit union members,” said David Adams, CUcorp CEO. “FTD and CU Benefits Express significantly expand the scope of products offered by credit unions. It’s the different in belonging to a member-drive financial institution that provides superior service and supports U.S. jobs.”

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