WASHINGTON-Credit unions are fighting fire with fire. In response to banker advertisements calling for the taxation of credit unions earlier this year, a coalition of credit union organizations-CUNA, NAFCU, CUNA Mutual Group, U.S. Central and the state credit union leagues-have released three advertisements in Capitol Hill newspapers. The latest one hit lawmakers’ desks last week in their copies of The Hill and Roll Call. The newest advertisement features the two letters supporting credit unions’ tax-exempt status from President George W. Bush and his opponent Senator John Kerry against the backdrop of an American flag with the slogan “At Least They Agree On One Thing.” The advertisement reads: “America’s member-owned, volunteer-led, not-for-profit credit unions help Americans earn and save. We provide our members with a real choice in the financial marketplace, offer better rates and lower fees by returning earnings to our members-owners, deliver quality service, and help our members improve their economic well-being.”