Credit unions are firmly invested in their employees’ health — not only their physical health but their emotional health as well. They want innovative solutions to help people stay healthy and feel supported in the workplace.

Additionally, there is rising uncertainty about benefits. Health care costs are projected to rise 5.5% per year, growing from $3.5 trillion to $6 trillion by 2027. A special fund such as an EBFT provides credit unions with expanded investment powers so they can do more by making more–providing funding for critical employee benefits, such as health insurance, paid time off, 401(k) plans, executive benefits planning and more.

We recently spoke with Jason Ritzenthaler, co-chief investment officer and director of investments and institutional business for Members Trust Company, to better understand how credit unions are leveraging this resource. Ritzenthaler explains how EBFTs help offset rising benefits costs and discusses the most important considerations for credit unions. To learn more, hit play.

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