CUSO Vertifi has announced signing its 100th credit union customer for DeposZip, its remote deposit capture tools that include mobile and PC-based versions.

With DeposZip, members can electronically deposit checks into their credit union, either via an app running on a smartphone or with a PC-based program and a supported scanner.

The newest DeposZip users include $234 million Agriculture Federal Credit Union of Washington, D.C.; $678 million Pacific Marine Credit Union of Oceanside, Calif.; $562 million Sb1 FCU of Philadelphia; and $916 million Unitus Community Credit Union of Portland, Ore.

“DeposZip’s popularity within the credit union community is unsurpassed,” said Alan Bernstein, president of Vertifi Software, in a prepared statement.

According to Vertifi, DeposZip has handled $2.4 billion in deposits for participating credit unions. The CUSO also claimed that more than 400,000 credit union members are presently registered, and they are making more than 200,000 deposits each month.

In an interview, Vertifi’s Bernstein clarified that between its direct customers and those using DeposZip through third-party vendors, the tools now are in “approaching 200 credit unions.”

Mobile RDC segment leader Mitek claims around 150 credit unions.

Bernstein added that Vertifi’s mobile RDC usage has grown at an annualized rate of 100%, “for four years now, with no end in sight.”

Vertifi is a part of Eastern Corporate Federal Credit Union in Burlington, Mass.