TEMPE, Ariz. — Employees of US Airways were recently

reassured that a merger with another airline, including

a rumored deal with United Airlines, is not in the foreseable future.

On May 30, US Airways CEO and Chairman Doug Parker told the carrier will remain independent for the time being.

“After much work and many conversations with other airlines, we have come to the conclusion that consolidation involving US Airways will not occur at this time,” Parker wrote in a letter to employees. “This is not to say that something won’t occur in the future–as you know I strongly believe that consolidation is required in our industry and that US Airways would benefit from participating. Rather it is simply unlikely that anything will happen in 2008 as our industry continues to struggle with how to function in a world with $130 [per barrel] oil prices.”

The $5 billion Alliant Credit Union, which was originally formed to serve United Airlines but has since diversified its membership, has said it plans to continue along that path while maintaining a

70-year relationship with the carrier’s employees, David Mooney, Alliant’s president/ CEO, previously told Credit Union Times.

In April, Tom Glatt, president/CEO of $200 million Continental FCU, also told Credit Union Times that he hopes Continental Airlines will remain independent but said if a merger occurs, it could possibly bring significant growth opportunities for the financial institution.