ARVADA, Colo. — A partnership between FoolProof Financial Education Systems Inc. and Credit Union Strategic Partners hopes to help credit unions nationwide become the resource for financial literacy.

“Our goal is to make all credit union members and consumers 100% financially FoolProof,” said John Dill, president of Strategic Partners “With so many Americans ensnared in the subprime market, there has never been a more important time for credit unions to strengthen their financial literacy platform. This is a historic opportunity and exciting tool for credit unions to help their members become better financial consumers.”

Credit Union Strategic Partners a wholly owned credit union service corporation of the Credit Union Association of Colorado, will serve as the national distributor for the Web-driven, turnkey financial education tool.

According to Strategic Partners Senior Vice President Karen Morgan, with financial literacy and education a credit union core, “FoolProof can be a critical tool in helping our movement further differentiate itself and provide an unmatched value proposition.”

FoolProof is designed to teach people of all ages about money, financial responsibility and the realities of a free enterprise system. The program has two elements: highly interactive modules designed for young people that contain videos, articles, audio, games, animation and music, and year-round adult and youth consumer Web sites featuring videos and podcasts. In addition, the FoolProof Web sites feature breaking news and monthly feature segments.

“Our goal in this partnership is to make real financial education and real consumer education available to every young person and every adult in America,” said FoolProof Board Chairman and consumer advocate Remar Sutton. “Who wouldn’t be excited by that?”

Credit unions will have access to five turnkey programs: FoolProof CUHQ, a year-round interactive Web site for young people; FoolProof for High Schools, which is turnkey financial literacy instruction for use in classrooms where high school students start the day at the CU’s Web site; FoolProof for Parents and Grandparents; FoolProof Solo, for college-age students; and FoolProof Information Edge, a constantly updated year-round consumer education Web site for adults. FoolProof CUHQ and FoolProof Information Edge Web sites are available for credit union use 30 days after a credit union enrolls. The FoolProof modular programs will be available to credit unions August 1.

“We believe FoolProof works because it respects the integrity of the user, whatever the user’s age,” said FoolProof CEO Will deHoo, the 28-year-old entrepreneur who developed the FoolProof modules. “We believe it is powerful, because it is driven by a consumer-oriented, credit union point of view, not a big-business point of view. Finally, we believe FoolProof is unique because it is devoid of commercialism. FoolProof is about real consumer information, not infomercial and hype.”

Some credit unions currently using FoolProof include Elevations Credit Union, Corning Federal Credit Union, DCU Federal Credit Union, St. Vrain Valley Credit Union, University Federal Credit Union and Virginia Beach Schools

More information about FoolProof can be found at