SAN JOSE, Calif. — Popular social networking firm Facebook has tapped Technology Credit Union as the official credit union for its expanding workforce.

“Facebook is a community-driven network, and so it makes sense that they would partner with a credit union for their employees,” said Donna Butcher, assistant vice-president of business development for Tech CU. “Credit unions are unique in that they are built on the foundation of community-they’re member-owned and managed. That positions us well to partner with companies that have employees and customers who place a lot of importance on the value of peer-to-peer networks.”

According to Tech CU Vice President of Marketing Kathleen Litman, for over four decades the credit union has a long-standing history of serving Silicon Valley startups, boasting some of the Valley’s most innovative organizations as member companies.

“To some degree, we’re known primarily as the credit union for tech professionals in the Silicon Valley,” said Litman. “But the truth is we’re now open to everyone in a six county area, not just technology employees. So, the benefits of membership are now widely available.”