ATLANTA — Credit unions continued their tradition of rewarding members with all sorts of bonuses and dividends.

Clark County Credit Union dished out a record $12.4 million to its members while members of Arizona Federal Credit Union received a $2.7 million dividend deposit. American Airlines Federal Credit Union issued a $5 million dividend. Down in Florida, Gulf Winds Federal Credit Union thanked its members with a $1 million dividend as did Hawaii State Federal Credit Union did with a $2 million bonus.

Cornerstone Community FCU returned $141,000. Fort Community Credit Union shared its $1.1 million dividend with members and organizations in the community such as local schools, hospital building funds and libraries.

Arizona FCU was in the dividend spotlight again when it recently announced that its members would soon get their share of an astounding $10 million dividend. The news was so big that NCUA Vice Chairman Rodney Hood was asked to help share the good news at a Dec. 15 media briefing.

Meanwhile, the dividends kept pouring in at the end of the year with the Pennsylvania State Employees Credit Union leading the charge. PSECU announced a nearly-$7.5 million special dividend in December. Lancaster, S.C.-based Founders Federal Credit Union returned $6 million to is members in the form of a bonus dividend–the largest dividend in the FCU’s history.

Other credit unions followed suit including Dort FCU issuing $1 million, Goldenwest CU doling out $575,000 to members and GPO FCU thanking its members with $345,000. Superior Community CU issued $230,000, Northeast Arkansas FCU gave $52,000, NODA FCU rewarded its members with a 7.5% interest rebate and 7.5% bonus share dividend and CUPS FCU disbursed a 5% bonus share dividend.