Credit Union Times is proud to report that so far in 2005 every issue has contained letters to the editor. We’re proud of this for two reasons. First, it’s an indication that Credit Union Times is providing thought-provoking editorial coverage that is inspiring more readers than ever to write letters. Second, the letters section is the one place where readers have the opportunity to fire back on issues important to them. Think Credit Union Times missed the boat on a story? Let us know. Disagree with how industry leaders are handling something? Write a letter and make sure they get the message. While Credit Union Times will edit letters for style and length, our goal is to ensure the letter writer’s message is conveyed as they intended. Occasionally, an editor’s note will be necessary to correct an erroneous fact or statistic. Here are a few guidelines on letter submission: * Letters can be mailed, faxed or e-mailed. We prefer e-mail submission for timeliness. The faster we get the letter, the faster it gets into print. Letters can be e-mailed to If you are mailing, send to 560 Village Blvd., Suite 325, West Palm Beach, Fla., 33409, attn: Letters to the Editor. To fax a letter, send to (561) 683-8514, attn: Letters to the Editor. * Send your picture please. Readers will notice that photos of the authors often accompany letters. If possible, please include a color picture when submitting a letter, though we will not hold back a letter for lack of a photo. Credit Union Times appreciates the reader feedback over the years and hopes 2005 will continue to be a banner year for getting your views across to a nationwide audience of credit union industry leaders.