DUBLIN, Ohio-Sarah LaTourette, House Financial Services Committee Member Steve LaTourette’s (R-Ohio) daughter, started an internship last week with AurGroup Financial Credit Union. The credit union champion’s daughter is getting “a flavor for the corporate culture” with the privately insured credit union until she graduates from Miami University in May 2006, according to AurGroup CEO Tim Boellner. “I’m still getting acquainted here, but I am absolutely loving it,” Sarah said. Though the daughter of an original H.R. 1151 sponsor and the Credit Union Regulatory Improvements Act, her time with AurGroup is not anything she can just skate through. She will be working on a variety of projects from the community financial education program, human resources at the credit union, delving into the institution’s demographics, and helping to manage the Intranet. Sarah spends about 20 hours a week spread over three days at AurGroup, while continuing her studies full time. “She’s been working closely with some of our VPs and they’re really pleased with her,” Boellner said. The younger LaTourette is a political science major. “My original plan was to head to D.C. when I graduate but I’m not sure,” she said. Sarah said she is interested in lobbying, maybe with a financial services aspect. Though she fears being in her father’s shadow, she expects he will be more of a positive as a resource and showing her the ropes on Capitol Hill. “In a way I do (fear it). I hope I’ll be able to individuate myself,” Sarah stated. AurGroup Financial Credit Union has hired interns before, Boellner explained, but it is not a regular program. He said Sarah came to his credit union through the credit union’s relationship with First Miami Student Credit Union and its CEO Willard Hopkins. “He would like us to make it more regular and I would too,” Boellner said. Having an intern, not only gets a new generation interested in the credit union movement, but also particularly having a congressman’s daughter is sound public relations. Boellner mentioned to Congressman LaTourette on his recent Hike the Hill visit and opened up a whole conversation.