PHOENIX, Ariz. – The $1.3 billion Arizona FCU is upgrading its 30,000-card portfolio by rolling out new platinum cards with a rewards program to all of its members who currently hold either a classic or gold card. “We are thrilled to be able to offer our customers the opportunity to be able to qualify for a platinum card and receive all the benefits that go along with it,” said Larry Schoeberl, director of card services for Arizona Federal. The credit union is issuing the platinum rewards cards to all its members because it wants everyone to have the incentives to increase card use, but will also put a tiered interest rate structure into place to reflect any increased risk from which might come with some of the conversions from classic or gold cards. “We cater to the middle-market customer and we realize that many of our members may be first time card holders. We want to give them the best service we can by giving them the opportunity to have a platinum card, but we also want to give them the skills they need to be sensible with their purchases,” said Schoeberl.