Your online voting poll question ( regarding what credit unions are doing to help members with ID theft is very interesting. We have successfully used the ID theft issue to further differentiate the credit union brand. We have partnered with state, town and city government elected officials to present ID theft seminars. We have also partnered with CPA firms to provide the same information for businesses. We are doing ID theft seminars at local colleges for students. This has branded our credit union as the local ID theft expert. So far we have reached over 3,000 residents with our programs and countless thousands more with brochures, our Web site and through several local television appearances. This is one issue that credit unions just can’t ignore if they really want to raise heads and be seen as an alternative to banks in their communities. So far I have not seen any banks in my area addressing the issue, why should they, there is no profit motive. Meanwhile my credit union now owns ID theft. Paul B. Stull VP, Human Resources, Marketing Hudson Valley Federal Credit Union Poughkeepsie, N.Y.