FAIRFAX, Va.-NCUA Employee Development Specialist Ruth Bennett has taken her interest in women’s issues to the small screen. Outside the halls of NCUA’s Alexandria, Va.-headquarters, Bennett can be found either watching a video monitor or in front of the camera as producer of On the Go with AAUW. The show, which is associated with the local chapter of the American Association of University Women, airs three times a month on Fairfax Public Access television. In her 13 years as a producer, Bennett has done approximately 140 shows on topics ranging from women’s issues to education to the arts. One of her most recent shows was entitled “Hostile Hallways,” about harassment of students in schools. Another involved representatives from an organization called Men Can Stop Rape. Even in this volunteer position, she had to undergo training to be certified as a producer. The position requires her to coordinate studio time and reserve a time slot on the television station among other things. She has also stepped in as a moderator on a number of the talk-show-style programs. Guests come from all sectors, including singers, actors, and authors. In December, a female military colonel came on the show to describe her experiences in Iraq. Bennett said she got involved simply by stopping in an AAUW meeting in 1988 and liked what she heard. “They work for equity for women and girls, particularly in education,” she explained. She added that AAUW’s education foundation is one of the largest granters of scholarships for women. The group also has a legal advocacy fund for issues like pay equity. -scooke@cutimes.com