Thanks to Mike Welch for the complimentary comments in his Aug. 6 column about NAFCU’s recent Annual Conference in Boston – I think. It was welcome recognition of a job well done by the hard working staff. Mike, you couldn’t be more on target about the necessity for all of us, whether credit unions or associations, to look outside the box at all we do. Because NAFCU is so successful with its conferences, obviously it places special emphasis on providing what the members consider a “bang for their buck,” and they keep coming back in larger numbers. As you are aware in your business, you can change the font, the touch and the look, but in the end what really counts is the content and what is behind the flash. NAFCU is doing a very good job of “content.” Mike, did you go to the baseball game in Boston? Maybe we need baseball’s format jazzed up, too, with some excitement between innings. Maybe we could duke it out during the seventh inning stretch with the bankers and settle their tiresome complaints. How about the Credit Union White Sox vs. the banking team of IDONTGETITs? Diane Furnas, NAFCU Chair President Southwest Airlines FCU Dallas, Texas