I was pleased to read the “Special Report” on corporates by Paul Gentile in the Oct. 24, 2001 issue of Credit Union Times. As in prior years, the five pages dedicated to the diversity of activities at the nation’s corporate credit unions offer further affirmation of the value the corporate system provides credit unions as well as a vision of the work that lies ahead. For those familiar with the corporate credit union industry, the wide range of products and services provided by corporates is no surprise. What might be a surprise, however, is the role corporates increasingly have come to play in financial education and e-commerce. Education on such topics as managing interest-rate risk or squeezing an extra basis point or two from your investment portfolio, as well as online cash management and other e-services, all fall under the corporate umbrella today. As in many industries before us, the traditional service provider’s lines have blurred. But, even as those lines continue to blur, our purpose has remained constant. As Mark Schroeder, president/CEO of Wisconsin Corporate Central CU put forward in that report, corporates remain committed to “. the common goal of the network operating for the good of the credit unions.” Thank you Credit Union Times for recognizing the many contributions that corporates make to the credit union movement. And special thanks to Paul Gentile for his becoming “the expert” in the credit union press on corporate credit unions. Todd M. Lane Senior Vice President, Chief Financial Officer WesCorp San Dimas, Calif. Letters to the Editor should be sent to: Attn: Letters to Editor c/o Credit Union Times, 560 Village Blvd. Suite 325 W. Palm Beach, FL 33409 or e-mail editor@cutimes.com