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Resources From Kaufman Hall

  • How to Boost Your Credit Union's Profitability by Managing the Full Scope of Relationships

    Learn how to improve profitability for your credit union by adding “relationships” to your credit union profitability analyses. READ MORE ›

  • Scenario Planning: How to Mitigate Uncertainty for Your Credit Union

    Learn how scenario planning for your credit union can help manage risk and uncertainty more effectively, while allowing you to explore new opportunities. READ MORE ›

  • How to Develop a Strategic Approach to Incentive Compensation for Your Credit Union

    Learn how to implement a strategic profitability-based incentive plan that rewards desired employee behavior(s) at your credit union. READ MORE ›

  • Accelerate Performance Improvement: Best Practices in Budgeting and Planning for Credit Unions

    These best practices help you increase profitability by leveraging the appropriate financial and operational data, processes, and tools to improve planning, efficiency, and accuracy. READ MORE ›

  • 2018 CFO Outlook: Performance Management Trends and Priorities

    Learn what senior finance professionals detail as trends, implications and recommendations for 2018, including 12 key findings in this performance management survey report. READ MORE ›

  • Credit Union Analytics - Using the Right Data to Support Decision Making

    In order for Credit Unions to be successful, they need to focus on "how" and "why" they achieved results. READ MORE ›

  • Critical Steps to Successful Cash Flow Planning For Financial Institutions

    Collaborative cash flow margin planning (CCFMP) is a marriage between ALM and traditional financial planning approaches. More institutions are turning to this approach because of its many benefits. READ MORE ›

  • 5 Critical Aspects of Profitability Analysis

    Discover five aspects of profitability analysis critical to creating and sustaining a profitability measurement program that can be used to drive decisions and improve financial performance. READ MORE ›

  • Profitability Measurement and Reporting: A Guide to Creating an Actionable Profitability Framework

    With compressed margins and increasing competition, it is imperative for financial institutions to understand how customers, branches, channels, officers, and products contribute to the bottom line. READ MORE ›

  • Extracting More Value from Funds Transfer Pricing

    Learn how your Credit Union can Extract More Value from Funds Transfer Pricing READ MORE ›

  • Take Credit Union Planning to the Next Level: Cash Flow Based Budgeting & Forecasting

    Collaborative Cash Flow Margin Planning (CCFMP) provides a more effective solution for balance sheet/margin planning. Discover what it is, its benefits and why it may be best for your organization. READ MORE ›


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