As a way to create more familiarity with volunteers, the $500 million FAA Credit Union of Oklahoma City is winding up its third week of “Blog Meets the Board,” a new viral Q&A venture featuring opinions from the CU’s board and supervisory committee.

Since the project began Dec. 16, four of 12 directors have agreed to post their personal opinions online, discussing a variety of topics including their own history with the CU and career highlights.

Questions like, “What is your fondest memory of the credit union?” and “When did you become involved with the credit union?” are being answered in the online series, which is also carried on the CU’s Facebook and Twitter pages.

“We started this Dec. 16 as a way to mark our 65th anniversary and so far we’ve received cooperation from the four directors with more to go,” said Kate Gillian, senior marketing specialist.

In an email posting, the 50,000-member FAA noted that the featured CU directors “have graciously taken time to share with us” their thoughts, Gillian said.

She said the “lighthearted concept” was launched to show a more personal, “down-to-earth” side to the directors for both members and employees.

“This is simply a way for members and employees to get to know our directors a little better,” said Gillian.

 It was uncertain how many of the remaining directors would participate in the interviews since some were busy over the holidays and “you always get a few stragglers,” she said.