Card Analysis Solutions, a credit union card portfolio consultancy, has announced it will offer its card management school again this fall. The new card management program is scheduled for Sept. 19-21 in Chicago.

As with other schools, firm founder and noted CU card consultant Ondine Irving will conduct the program.

“My approach has always been one of teaching and educating credit card program management from a completely independent perspective– a complete 360 degree education from lending to collections and everything in between,” Irving said and this includes reducing expenses.

“One of my most instrumental sessions is showing credit unions where and how to reduce processing expenses. If credit unions can reduce processing expenses, the member ultimately benefits as the savings can be reflected in the product offerings,” she explained, adding that students also learn a great deal in her class on true, thorough and careful card portfolio analysis. “Attendees will leave with a to do list of items for improving their own card program including identification of cost savings which can be shared with their respective credit card processors,” the firm said when announcing the school.

Irving has been conducting these sessions since 2007 across the country. “This class is beneficial for all card issuing credit union and also ideal for those credit unions re-entering the credit card market. It is an opportunity for live discussion with peers, processors and all staff levels, she said, adding that executives from The Members Group, PSCU, Geezeo, Lending Solutions, CU Swag, among others, will join her in leading sessions at the school, the firm said.