Vol. 7 No. 31
July 31, 1996

This week Credit Union Times takes a look back in time at NAFCU’s 1996 annual conference.

David Pearce Snyder, lifestyles editor of The Futurist magazine, made predictions at the conference about the future and what the social-economic world would be like in 2010.

At the time, Snyder said the country was at the midpoint of a 50-year period of technology assimilation and by 1998 the massive layoffs and de-staffing occurring as a result of technological advancements would come to an end.

From 2000 to 2005, Snyder said that IT organizations would begin to mass produce a new generation of high-value IT based jobs.

On the negative side, Snyder predicted that the long-term social pain caused by the techno-economic restructuring that had been taking place would also be at its greatest over the next five years, which would generate urban unrest, extremist politics and home-grown American terrorism.

By 2010, Snyder said that 70% of jobs would be paying middle-to-upper level incomes, approximately 20% of all workers would be self-employed and most would work out of homes, the average business would have nearly half as many employees as it had in 1990, but there would be twice as many employers and America’s homes, schools, businesses and public agencies would be linked through Web-based “I-ways.”