PORTLAND –PORTLAND — In the latest example of safety-soundness messaging, a coalition of nine Oregon credit unions took out full page ads Thursday in three major state papers to reinforce the increase in NCUSIF deposit insurance to $250,000.

The ads appearing for three days in the Oregonian, the Statesman Journal and Eugene Register Guard, all contain digitized signatures of the CEOs as well as individual CU logos in what was described as a new approach to convey the CU brand in a noncompetitive format.

“We don’t think there are many examples across the country of nine of the biggest credit unions in a state collaborating like we have in a quick manner to produce and distribute this kind of ad with statewide coverage,” said Kelly Schrader, senior vice president of OnPoint Community CU of Portland, who coordinated the project.

The ad, headlined “For Generations Oregon Credit Unions Have Stuck to the Basics: service, value safety, trust, community,” is set to run again on Sunday and next Tuesday.

Had CUs acted individually with separate ads the CU message might have been lost, said Schrader.

One tagline in the ad reads, “Join one of Oregon’s 83 credit unions at you-belong.org.”