DENVER — Credit Union Association of Colorado President John Dill used to be a top economic development official for the state. Those skills have come in handy as he’s helped the city raise money for putting on this week’s Democratic National Convention here, through his work on the Denver 2008 Host Committee.

The association gave $10,000 to the effort, which cost more than $100 million. But Dill has combed through his Rolodex to hit up others for money and has also been involved in non-financial efforts, such as the construction of a home for a return soldier that will be dedicated on Wednesday.

Although Dill has worked on other large-scale events, such as the G-8 Summit for world leaders held here in 1997, this dwarfs those efforts.

“The costs and logistics of security are incredible. And the G-8 Summit was a fairly large operation but this is even bigger,” he said in an interview.

On a personal note, it has been several days filled with numerous social and work-related activities. “This social stuff is fun, but the pace is better suited for younger folks,” he added.