MADISON, Wis.-CUES President/CEO Fred Johnson has recently been honored as the recipient of the 2005 Superstar “Best Boss” Award by the Association Forum of Chicagoland, Chicago. The award was created to recognize one individual each year whose overall leadership style contributes to a positive and innovative workplace. Gary LaBranche, CAE, president, Association Forum of Chicagoland, presented Johnson with the award at CUES’ headquarters in Madison, Wis., on August 4, 2005. “It takes courage to do what Fred has done with CUES; you can see evidence of that around this room. CUES has grown under his leadership, and now has great staff, strong training and low staff turnover. His vision and courage has paid off,” said Gary LaBranche, president Association Forum of Chicagoland . Candidates for the award, who were nominated by their direct reports, were judged on staff perception on overall leadership style, staff participation, recognition for improvement and growth, turnover statistics and training. More than 100 nominations were received this year. “CUES employees have long known they are fortunate to have Fred at the helm; he is truly deserving of this recognition,” said CUES Chairman and Forum CU President/CEO Gary Irvin. “In the 16 years since Fred and I began working together, CUES has grown and flourished under his direction,” said CUES’ SVP/Chief Information Officer Barbara Kachelski, who nominated Johnson. “His distinctive and positive leadership style combines many elements that help employees thrive. For example, Fred has seen to it that CUES’ technology is ahead of the curve, which aids productivity; he provides key professional development avenues for every staff member; and, continually offers positive reinforcement to employees, verbally and through innovative recognition programs. The bottom line, though, is that Fred genuinely cares about CUES’ employees; he understands that they are crucial to our overall success, and what needs to be done to help them succeed.” The Association Forum of Chicagoland serves association executives of more than 1,500 businesses, charitable, civic and professional organizations.