HARRISBURG, Pa. – eCU Technologies is going first again, offering what it calls a uniquely proactive service for credit unions who want to protect their members against credit-card fraud. The tech CUSO of Pennsylvania State Employees Credit Union calls the offering “compromised credit card services” and says it includes customized programs to block or re-issue cards, placing warning codes on accounts and creating alert letters to send to members. “We’re not being reactive here; we’re being proactive in going to our clients letting them know there’s a way we can help their members,” says Alan Brunner, chief operating officer of eCU Technologies (www.ecutechnologies.com), whose solutions also include the unique UPost online deposit honor system. “Our goal is to help our credit union clients identify and eliminate any type of fraud that could occur on any cards that were compromised from the recent events,” he says. PSECU executives say the package of services has value now and in the future. “We created this service to help credit union members who may have been or will be affected by the 40 million credit cards that were compromised. Just because fraud hasn’t occurred on a member’s credit card to date, that doesn’t mean it won’t happen next year or two or three years from now,” says Robert Burger, chief technology officer for eCU Technologies and PSECU. The compromised-card services give credit unions the capability to alert their members each time a transaction has been made with their credit cards, thus mitigating possible fraud, and allows credit unions to concentrate on their members while eCU Technologies does the work behind the scenes, the CUSO says. “Making this service available will let members know that their credit union is looking out for them,” Burger says. eCU Technologies’ other solutions and services include home banking, e-statements, online lending, bill pay, kiosk machines, report generators and consulting. -