HOLYOKE, Mass. – Wanting to help credit unions get a grip on their brand, EverythingCU.com is hosting the first-ever event held exclusively for credit union professionals focused solely on branding-titled Branding, Bonding, and Brew: A Total Brand Immersion Experience. Slated to be held in Portland, Oregon from September 21-23, 2005, the event is designed to teach participants branding theory, concepts and techniques. Featured speakers will include Dr. Lynda Falkenstein, author of Nichecraft, Branding Guru Denise Wymore, and youth marketing phenomenon Bryan Sims. During the conference, three successful brands headquartered in Oregon will be studied from the inside out: Nike, Umpqua Bank, and McMenamins. “What is unique about this conference besides it being specifically geared toward branding is that it isn’t being held in a resort where it’s more about the vacation than the learning or where you have speakers lecture in large impersonal rooms with rows of uncomfortable chairs,” said EverythingCU.com Chief Experience Officer Morriss Partee. “This event experience is about brand immersion so we study and learn the strategy, methodology and techniques of brand while experiencing first-hand the power and emotion of a brand and what a great brand feels like by staying at a McMenamins property and by touring the other facilities.” To maximize learning and networking opportunities, attendance is limited to 35 participants, of which 11 spots have been filled as of April 8. For more information, contact Megan Boudro at EverythingCU.com via e-mail at megan@everythingcu.com or toll-free at 1(800)860-7705. EverythingCU.com is an independent community of more than 4,500 credit union professionals. On average some 250-350 different credit union professionals visit the site every business day.