CAMBRIDGE, Mass. – According to Forrester Research Vice President/Media, Devices & Marketing Research Director Chris Charron logic and emotion are the keys to attracting and retaining consumers. “Don’t be left out. Companies are figuring out that blending logic and emotion are critical to their success and have repositioned their entire companies around the customer experience,” said Charron. Under logic, he says Left Brain Marketing is the rise to predominance of analytical marketing strategies, skills, and processes that are centered on audience knowledge, not media. This is a big change for marketers, especially brand marketers and creative types within agencies. Creative work still plays a big role in advertising, but segmentation, marketing analytics, sophisticated targeting, and measurement will be more critical in the days to come. Creating emotional connections with consumers is also becoming critical. “No longer is general satisfaction a good measure of brand loyalty. Consumers have to be proud or thrilled about you or your brand. We see this in the financial services and auto industries. We see it with consumer electronic products like Apple iPods and DVRs like TiVo – these are products that don’t just accomplish a task, but they inspire users and improve their lives in an emotional way,” said Charron. “Think about how you can discern logic and connect to emotion in new ways.”