SEATTLE – Robert L. Coleman, Jr, CEO of the $5.3 million Northwest Baptist Federal Credit Union is quick to admit that he was among the first to complain about the noise and disruption caused by the construction next door to the credit union’s old location. But little did he realize that the Hearing, Speech and Deafness Center being built next door would one day give his credit union a home. “When Mount Zion Baptist Church decided to change the landscape of the church campus, it did not take into consideration the immediate impact on the credit union,” Coleman explained. “We therefore had to start looking for a new home.” The church is next door to the new Center. Shifting to the new site allowed the credit union to have a new site only one block from its old location and to gain an additional 1,600 square feet. Coleman chairs the National Federation of Community Development Credit Unions Disability Education and Awareness Committee and said the facility will be significantly more accessible for the credit union’s disabled members.