GLASTONBURY, Conn. – A $400 million credit union in Indiana is the first to deploy the latest version of cView, Open Solutions’ relationship management and business intelligence platform. Three Rivers FCU in Fort Wayne is using version 1.10 of cView to enhance cross-selling and member service opportunities, says Jeff Meyers, CEO of the 69,000-member institution. “We already have 27 different pre-determined types of activities that have made cross-selling or follow-up much easier,” Meyers says. “We also publish dynamic messages that automatically pop up on the screen to alert a representative as to what action needs to happen so nothing accidentally slips through the cracks.’” The cView suite can be used with various vendors’ core processing platforms and its latest iteration includes improvements that meet several client requests, the company says. Reporting features have been added, for instance, that allow the same tool to be used for referrals, service requests and surveys. “Institutions already have an abundance of customer information; it just needs to be filtered and proactively delivered to employees at the most opportune times,” said Mike Nicastro, senior vice president and general manager of Open Solutions’ Strategic Solutions Group.