MC CLEAN, Va. – Freddie Mac has exceeded each of its housing goals every year since permanent goals went into effect in 1996, and last year was no different. The Government-Sponsored Enterprise financed homes for more than 5.5 million families in 2003, or approximately one family every six seconds. It also exceeded the affordable housing goals set by the Department of Housing and Urban Development. Based on preliminary results, approximately 51.1% of Freddie Mac’s purchases served low- and moderate-income families, exceeded HUD’s 50% goal; 32.3% financed homes in areas defined by HUD as underserved, exceeding the 31% goals; and 20.2% met the special affordable housing goal, exceeding the 20% goal. In addition, it was also a record year for Freddie Mac’s service to minority families. In 2003, it purchased more than $106 billion of mortgages made to minority households, making homeownership more affordable for more than 700,000 families.