MADISON, Wis.- Copy & Art Express, CUNA’s online newsletter articles, art, and advertising subscription service, has added original photo images to its offerings. Some 42 original photo images are available depicting the following: various small business scenes, young adults and children in a credit union setting, couples meeting with a credit union financial adviser, adults and teens using PC services, and credit union service interactions between employees and members. This month more images will be added to include scenes of couples moving into a new house, people buying a new car, and customers using a car repair shop. “Credit unions can use these images to enhance Web sites, newsletters, and flyers-helping bring more business in to the credit union,” said Susan Tiffany, director of CUNA’s center for personal finance consumer facts. According to Tiffany, Copy & Art Express also provides articles, brief tips, and illustrated space ads that credit union marketers can use to produce newsletters, ads, inserts, and direct mail letters. Subscribers buy all rights and can use materials as is or adapt and edit at will.