Current positions *

Vice Chairman of the U.S. Central Credit Union Board *

Member of the board of the California-based Employees Group *

Chairman of NCUA’s Central Liquidity Facility Interface Committee *

Member of the Association of Corporate Credit Unions *

Member of NAFCU Regulatory Committee *

Chairman of the California League Competitive Environmental Task Force *

Member of ACCU legislative/regulatory committee *

Member of CCUL prompt corrective action committee *

Chair of the Association of Corporate Credit Unions’ (ACCU) Legislative/Regulatory Committee. *

Member of NAFCU’s Regulatory Committee. Honors *

In October 1999, the Richard Myles Johnson Foundation was named in his honor. The foundation promotes education within the credit union industry. *

In November 1998, Johnson was inducted into the CUES Hall of Fame.

Recipient of the 1993 Dick Ayres Memorial Award, recognizing the corporate executive who most demonstrates the qualities of leadership, integrity, and commitment to cooperative principles and motivation. *

Received the Cooperative Statesmanship Award in 1997. It is presented by the National Cooperative Bank to recognize individuals who have demonstrated an exceptional degree of leadership as a member, director, worker, or friend in guiding or assisting cooperatives. *

Received the 1991 Master Entrepreneur of the Year Award, recognizing WesCorp as one of the most successful and growth-oriented companies in California’s Inland Empire. *

Received the first James D. Likens Alumni Recognition Award from Western CUNA Management School Alumni Association in 1991.