HARRISBURG, Pa. – In a show of support of having the word “acting” removed from Dennis Dollar’s title with the NCUA Board, the Pennsylvania Credit Union League has sent letters to its two U.S. senators – Arlen Specter (R) and Rick Santorum (R) – urging Dollar’s appointment to chairman of the board. In his letter to the two senators, Jim McCormack, president/CEO, Pennsylvania Credit Union league wrote that during Dollar’s tenure in office since February 8, “he has executed the duties of his office in a progressive and conciliatory fashion.” McCormack went on to focus on Dollar’s consistent recognition of “the need to facilitate the ability of credit unions to meet the challenges of a rapidly evolving financial market place. Under his leadership, NCUA has expanded the menu of services available to members and literally brought credit unions into the 21st century. Our constituent institutions would take great comfort in knowing that such an enlightened attitude will persist throughout the full term of the board’s next chairman.”