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Top Ways Income and Employment Verification Can Empower Credit Unions

By Ted Wentzel, Senior Product Marketing Manager, Experian


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As a community lender, your goal is to provide personalized care and attention to your members while effectively managing risk, regulatory requirements, and operational efficiency. By incorporating tools such as income and employment verification, you can streamline your loan approval process. With the ability to validate information in seconds, you'll be able to make well-informed decisions faster while removing the burden from your member of having to provide paystubs and other documentation. In this blog post, we will explore the empowering impact of a third-party income and employment verification tool on credit unions.


Better Data, Better Decisions

Choosing a verification partner with an instant employer payroll network allows credit unions to access reliable and up-to-date income and employment information for confident decision-making. With accurate and timely data at your fingertips, you can gain a deeper understanding of your members' capacity-to-pay, a critical component to assessing overall financial health. This insight not only helps mitigate risk but also helps you serve your members more effectively. There are also additional benefits to partnering with a verification solution provider that is also a Credit Reporting Agency (CRA) offering FCRA-compliant technologies. These organizations are well-versed in compliance matters and can help you more effectively navigate potential risk areas.


Streamline Approval Times and Remove Friction

When evaluating your verification process, it is advantageous to adopt a waterfall or multi-step approach that encompasses instant verification, permissioned verification, and, as a last resort, manual verification. This tiered approach will streamline your approval process and help manage your costs effectively. Instant verification relies on advanced technology to provide swift and efficient results. In cases where instant verification is unavailable, the process seamlessly transitions to permissioned verification, where explicit consent is obtained from individuals to access their payroll data directly from their employer's respective provider. Lastly, manual verification involves collecting paystubs, W-2s and other related documents directly from the member. While there are some instances where a manual process is unavoidable, it should only be leveraged as a last resort, as it is a time-consuming and costly process that puts an undue burden on the member. By implementing this comprehensive approach, you can enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of your verification process while maintaining the integrity of the results. Experian Verify now offers an automated waterfall approach through API and our self-service portal, which provides a simple and seamless way for you to expand coverage without requiring significant technical resources to integrate.


A Flexible Solution

Credit Unions play a crucial role in not only your communities but the lending industry as well, and it is essential for you to leverage a versatile and cost-effective employment and income verification solution that can be applied to various loan types. This includes mortgage loans, auto loans, credit cards, home equity lines of credit, and personal loans. The ability to adapt and cater to different loan types allows credit unions to serve your members consistently and efficiently across your entire lending portfolio.

By leveraging a flexible and adaptable verification solution, you can enhance operational efficiencies and streamline lending processes. This not only ensures a smooth and seamless experience for members but also enables you to provide a superior level of service and support. With a robust verification solution in place, you can confidently navigate the complexities of the lending landscape and deliver exceptional results for your members.


World-Class Service and Support

For a seamless verification journey, it is crucial for you to partner with a trusted solution provider that not only offers exceptional service and support but also understands the unique needs of this market segment. From initial onboarding and comprehensive training to ongoing troubleshooting and guidance, having a dedicated and knowledgeable support team becomes the backbone of a successful verification process. This not only provides peace of mind but also enables you to consistently deliver a high level of personalized service, building trust and loyalty with your valued members. By investing in a robust support system, you can confidently navigate the verification landscape and stay ahead in an ever-evolving financial industry.

As a longstanding leader in the financial services industry, Experian understands the unique challenges faced by credit unions. Our verification solution, Experian Verify, empowers financial institutions by providing accurate, efficient, and compliant income and employment verification services. With Experian Verify, credit unions can navigate the complexities of income and employment verification with ease, achieving new levels of efficiency and success. To learn more about how Experian Verify can benefit your organization, we invite you to visit our website and schedule a personalized demo. Together, let's unlock the potential of income and employment verification and elevate your credit union to new heights of success.