With the increasing challenges of automobile affordability, those in underserved credit segments find themselves without access to financing, and thus better job and education prospects. Open Lending’s mission has been to expand automobile access for near-prime borrowers, and through their market-leading AI and machine learning Lenders Protection platform fueled with the most comprehensive data in the industry they empower lenders to meet yield targets while also serving the near-prime segment. It earned them a Credit Union Times Luminaries nomination for Product Innovation.

In this video Meet the Luminaries presentation, Kevin Filan, senior vice president of marketing at Open Lending, they went above and beyond to meet the needs of these consumers.

You’ll also learn:

  • What being named a Luminaries finalist means for Open Lending;
  • How they recognized the need for a combined loan tool and insurance program for near-prime borrowers; and
  • Why Open Lending is making improvements to better serve both credit union and near-prime borrowers.

Click to watch the video, and for the full-length podcast version, click here.