In this episode, CU Times’ Editor-in-Chief Michael Ogden, discusses payment solutions trends and challenges happening in the credit union industry with Winston Salem, N.C.-based Truliant Federal Credit Union’s Vice President of Payments, Bijal Gami.

Gami discusses credit, debit and digital payment trends coming through and out of the pandemic. He’s found that the behind-the-scenes work happening at Truliant FCU has allowed members to have a better payment experience, no matter their preferred way to pay (i.e. digital, contactless, mobile wallet).

During our discussion, we talk about improvements made to the payments space, as well as chatting about the early days of the FedNow System and how it could “be a game-changer” for the years ahead.

We even try tackling the nearly-impossible question: What does the payments space look like in 10 years? Gami has some thoughts.

Listen to the full interview here.