The Double-Edged Sword of Mobile Banking



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Pre-pandemic, the escalating mobile banking adoption rate was primarily fueled by smartphone penetration, with over 4 billion people using smartphones. The onset of COVID-19 fast-tracked the trend of mobile banking especially among younger generations, with Gen-Z favoring the mobile channel at 56%.

The rapid increase in customer demand for mobile banking services carries increased fraud threats. Credit unions must wield this combination carefully. If they move too quickly they risk fraud losses. If they move too slowly they risk customer churn.

Join this webcast to discover how your credit union can find the right balance when it comes to mobile banking. You will learn:

  • Current trends in mobile banking
  • Fraud threats and consumer behavior that result in increased risk
  • Strategies for preventing mobile banking fraud
  • Anomaly detection for mobile banking

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David Schneiderman | Senior Solutions Consultant | NICE Actimize