Payments and Mobile Banking: Breaking Down the Latest CU Trends and Data Analysis


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Editorial Webcast Sponsored by:  Alogent & Elan


Everything has shifted this year and consumers are using mobile banking more than ever. How is your credit union keeping up with the change?

CU Times’ Editor-in-Chief, Michael Ogden, will present the latest credit union payments data along with analysis of what it means for credit union executives and how to better serve members. We will take a look at mobile banking data from our most recent data collection and break down how members and consumers are using mobile banking features since the pandemic began.

Join this webcast to learn how payments and mobile banking trends will change and evolve into the year ahead. Plus, credit union executives will learn:

  • How to address changes in member behaviors as it relates to mobile banking needs.
  • Trends in P2P, remote deposit, bill pay, smartphone/watch use, security features and credit/debit card use.
  • Applications to use as a result of the data we share. 
  • Data breakdown by region.
  • How to create a better mobile banking experience for credit union members. 



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