Why Member Advocacy Matters: Make an Impact Now


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Learn how credit unions can fuel growth and increase member loyalty by taking a data-first approach to member advocacy.

 Join this discussion with Jane Barratt and Ryan Smith from MX Technologies as they outline how credit unions can help members improve their financial wellness with data tools, get out of debt, and move from spenders to savers and investors.  Leave with insight on what the return is on member advocacy, and how both members and your credit union benefit.

Register today to start helping members improve their financial wellness, loyalty, and learn how a data first culture helps you scale these efforts. You’ll leave with a clear picture of:

  • How data can help you become member-obsessed
  • What steps to take to maximize your member advocacy
  • Why there’s no better time than right now to pivot your business model to be data first

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Featured Speakers:

Jane Barratt

Chief Advocacy Officer

MX Technologies

Jane is a long-time investor and champion of financial literacy. In her role at MX, she works with government, regulatory bodies and industry groups to ensure that people have secure access to their financial data; with financial institutions to ensure that data and tools are available for people to improve their financial strength; and she advocates for financial education across the board, including through LinkedIn Learning. Her previous role was CEO of GoldBean, and she has spent more than 20 years driving growth for Fortune 500 companies.

  Ryan Smith

VP of Marketing

MX Technologies

Ryan has been working in tech, customer experience, and financial services for more than 20 years. He believes that a strong business is founded on strong relationships that start at the earliest stages of awareness. In his role at MX, he oversees all marketing and web initiatives, successfully executing on campaigns across the financial industry. His primary pursuit has been to transform businesses based on a digital approach since he started building websites in the 90s.