Urban FT, a white-label mobile banking and mobile check deposit services provider, and Fortress Plus, financial fraud prevention solutions supplier, partnered to co-market their services to credit unions and community banks.

The New York City-based Urban FT CEO Richard Steggall said, “Our agreement pulls together two key elements of what today’s smaller FIs need to combat the challenge of big banks and nonbanks – an easily implementable, cost-effective mobile banking solution offering exceptional UX and best-in-breed fraud prevention solutions that protect FIs from fraudsters who prey on them.”

“Richard and I, backed by our organizations, know that our clients are hungry for more than ‘just OK’ services, because ‘just OK’ – especially in mobile banking and fraud prevention – doesn’t cut it any longer,” the Wethersfield, Conn.-based Fortress Plus President Jeff Whelton added. Whelton explained legacy systems trapped smaller financial institutions without the benefits a modern architecture provides. “By co-marketing, we bring our respective best-in-breed solutions to more financial institutions that need and deserve the advantages we offer.”