Chatter Yak! announced Monday it will no longer offer its consulting services or Campaigns in a Box, which featured ready-to-use, multichannel marketing campaigns. It also said its Yak Tracker service will be offered through others.

The Oshkosh, Wis., CUSO, said the consulting services will be phased out by year’s end.

Chatter Yak! customers who used the Campaigns in a Box service will receive 30 days of campaign support to any existing campaigns, after which they can use a similar service, RevGen, offered by Xtend, a CUSO based in Grand Rapids, Mich.

Current consulting projects will be completed, and future consulting will be available through Verve, a Credit Union, also based in Oshkosh. Verve ($893.8 million in assets, 57,501 members) is a co-owner of Chatter Yak!, which specializes in marketing, advertising and social media.

Chatter Yak! was founded in Sandusky, Ohio, and has 112 client credit unions across the United States. It describes itself on its website as “the Swiss army knife of marketing agencies.”

Its Yak Tracker service, a social media contest lead generation software, will continue to be offered through Verve and Xtend. Yak Tracker collects and compiles user data into charts and graphs. It’s designed to help financial institutions identify and track leads to gain new members and close more loans.

“We formed Chatter Yak! in 2011 to help other financial institutions break through the noise in an extremely competitive industry, to leave a lasting impression, and build loyalty and retention with their members,” Verve President/CEO Kevin Ralofsky said. “In closing Chatter Yak! operations and moving forward solely with Yak Tracker, we are keeping the best of what we learned and developed over the last six years to continue to help financial institutions grow.”