Jennifer L. Hicks, a credit union employee missing since Feb. 9 and wanted by police on an alleged theft charge, was found dead in Calloway County Feb. 25, according to Kentucky State Police. Hicks served as a teller and marketing director at the $52 million Lake Chem Community Federal Credit Union, according to the credit union’s website.

“On February 25, 2016, Kentucky State Police Post 1 received a call from the Calloway County Sheriff’s Office advising that Jennifer L. Hicks, 31, of Murray, had been located deceased in Calloway County,” the state police said in a statement released in the late afternoon on Feb. 25. “The Kentucky State Police is on scene and the investigation is ongoing.”

The state police were being assisted on the scene by the Calloway County Sheriff, the Murray Police Department and the Calloway County Coroner’s Office.

Law enforcement authorities did not reveal where the body was found. Police also did not say who found the body, what caused her death or if the death was considered suspicious. However, local media reported that Calloway County Sheriff Sam Steger said there is no evidence that Hicks was abducted.

Hicks left Lake Chem Community’s Murray branch at about noon on Feb. 9 to check on her 8-year-old daughter, according to Calloway County Sheriff. At approximately 12:45 p.m., her vehicle was seen on Kentucky Route 94 heading eastbound. That was the last time Hicks and her vehicle were seen, police said.

On Feb. 15, Lake Chem issued a bulletin statement on its website and Facebook page stating it discovered irregularities in some of its records, which may affect the accuracy of year-end reports for some members. The credit union did not say how many of its 10,215 members were affected.

“We currently are in the process of correcting those records and issuing any necessary amendments to reports,” the credit union statement read. “Lake Chem does not anticipate financial loss to either Lake Chem or any of its members as a result of these irregularities. Law enforcement officials have requested that Lake Chem withhold any public comment upon the ongoing investigation of Jennifer Hicks.”

On Feb. 16, Kentucky State Police issued a warrant to arrest Hicks for alleged for “theft by failure to make required disposition of property (of) over $10,000, a Class C felony.”

However, Kentucky State Police would not say whether the alleged theft charge was related to Hicks’ job at the credit union.

Local media reported that Hicks’ ex-husband joined the search to find the missing mom.

Soon after police announced Hicks’ body was found, more than 170 comments have been posted on Facebook expressing sadness and sympathy.

“Sad news for this family. The only good to come from the discovery of Jennifer Hicks’ body is that at least the agony of not knowing is now resolved,” Donna Herndon of Murray, wrote. “My heart breaks for her little 8-year-old daughter, her mother and other family members. May God bless them with His comfort.”