NAFCU said its site now includes a secure deployment option for its financial calculators for credit union websites. calculators are now fully compatible with credit union websites that deploy HTTPS technology, said NAFCU Services Corp. Credit unions with the extra security offered by secure certificates can add the calculators without pop-ups indicating a change in security status, for a seamless end-to-end secure solution.

The trade group said more than 1.5 million calculations have been made on’s calculators so far this year, a number expected to pass 2 million by year’s end.

“When we first developed the calculators, there were not that many credit union websites that took advantage of the extra layer of protection offered by secure certificates,” said NAFCU Services President David Frankil.

“That has changed with all the emphasis on security, and now all credit unions can easily integrate calculators with their preferred method of security, regular or HTTPS,” Frankil said.

The service was launched in February 2010.