Seventeen more credit unions have signed with MoneyDesktop in Provo, Utah, to offer its personal financial management solution.

The company said they are Honor Credit Union, Superior Choice Credit Union, United Consumers Credit Union, Building Trades Federal Credit Union, Assemblies Of God Credit Union, MembersOwn Credit Union, MembersFirst Credit Union, Northern Communities Credit Union, Winston-Salem City Employees Federal Credit Union, First Financial Credit Union, Kentucky Employees Credit Union, EdCo Community Credit Union, Lower East Side Peoples’s Federal Credit Union, BCS Community Credit Union, Saint Luke’s Credit Union, KRD Federal Credit Union and Red Lake Co-op Federal Credit Union.

Each will integrate the solution into their online banking platforms and offer members management tools that include account aggregation, expense tracking and auto-categorization, budgeting, alerts and debt management, the company said.

“This will increase long-term loyalty and drive loan volume as members using PFM originate new loans and migrate other loans over to their primary financial institution. PFM is all about becoming the PFI,” said Matt West, MoneyDesktop vice president of sales.

MoneyDesktop said it now has 22 online banking, core processing and payment network partners and serves more than 280 clients.