One of the takeaways from the U.S. Senate Federal Credit Union ad backlash could be that rather than trying to inject sexy into credit union ads, humor might be more effective, or at the very least, less offensive path.

As The Financial Brand’s Jeffry Pilcher stated in his article about U.S Senate FCU’s direct mailing piece, “sexual overtones in bank or credit union marketing always backfires.”

Think back. Can anyone scrub the image of the banker bathing in money put out in 2010  by the $139 million Public Service Credit Union in the Detroit suburb of Romulus, Mich?

Credit Union Times decided to shine  the spotlight on humor, so here’s a look at five more credit union spots that have made us giggle so far in 2012.

Click on through and enjoy the show:

IC Federal Credit Union, Fitchburg, Mass.

Whether battling zombies or big bank invaders, the $453 million IC Federal Credit Union has set its sights on using education as a way to arm locals with the power of the credit union difference.

The Fitchburg, Mass., credit union has unveiled a friendly, yet irreverent series of spots that tout or demonstrate the many benefits of “home grown” local credit unions.

A total of five videos are slated for 2012. The first two have been posted to the credit union’s website and YouTube channel. IC FCU has also created a QR code for its latest zombie life insurance video to allow instantaneous video viewing on mobile phones.


Charlotte Metro Credit Union, Charlotte, N.C.

For the third consecutive year, the $282 million Charlotte Metro Credit Union ran a local TV ad during the Super Bowl.

The 30-second spot, which aired during the first half of the game, poked fun at banking giants’ need for fees and to just suck money away from locals. A man in a suit holding a vacuum with a sticker that said, “Big Bank” walks around downtown vacuuming up everything in sight.”

Apparently, there’s no limit to what big banks will do for profits,” the narrator said. “Don’t get suckered. Switch to Charlotte Metro Credit Union.”

Pen Air Federal Credit Union, Pensacola, Fla.

Who isn’t looking for a superhero these days? Sure The Avengers may save the world from alien attacks, but the Pen Air Patrol has joined forces to save locals from the “greedy hands of bad banks.”

Created as a way to promote the better banking to be found at the $1.2 billion Pen Air Federal Credit Union, the superheroes Money Maven, Debt-Free Diva, Captain Premier, Fee Crusher and The Funder can be spotted everywhere in the Pensacola, Fla., area from billboards and comic books to branches and local events.

The backstories of the former bank customers turned superheroes can even be found online at and on Facebook, Twitter and the Pen Air Patrol blog.

Garden Savings Federal Credit Union, Parsippany, N.J.

Garden Savings Federal Credit Union found a hilarious way to tap into the frustrations of locals dealing with big banks.

The $211 million Parsippany, N.J., credit union plays up the negative press that the banking industry has been attracting since Bank Transfer Day this past November.

The video itself depicts a dark setting and a close up of a man who introduces himself as “a bank” who then proceeds to go through a less-than-flattering list of features for the consumer.

The spot was created as a call to action and way for local consumers to rethink why they remain at a bank.

Innovations Federal Credit Union, Panama City, Fla.

From flash mobs around town, to lip dubs of a “Bad Bank Romance” you never know what to expect from the team at Innovations Federal Credit Union.

Believing in harnessing the power of buzz, the $149 million Panama City, Fla., credit union has been at it again with fun parodies of “Sh*t People Say.”

The “Sh*t Bankers Say” and “Sh*t Bank Customers Say” spots offer a funny “insider” glimpse at banker reasoning and what’s really behind all those big bank fees.