Whether you’re in the middle of the MBA admissions process or you haven’t even decided if B-school is for you, you’re no doubt considering the potential profits and losses of this important decision.  Perhaps you’ve compared the curriculum specialties at various schools, researched different universities’ scholarships, and looked into what type of extracurricular opportunities will be available to you.  But a question remains: Have you thought about how being female will impact your B-school experience?

To be sure, every woman’s experience in b-school is not the same.  But if you do enroll, most likely, you’ll find yourself in a class that’s about 30 percent women—the national average.  Despite research performed by London Business School, which shows that teams achieve the best innovation when they have an equal split between men and women, you’ll be lucky to have one other woman member on the dreaded team project, but even that’s not guaranteed. Read the complete NextGenWoman blog post.