Mary Cunningham, the retired CEO of the now-merged USA Federal Credit Union in San Diego and former chairman of CUES and the National Credit Union Foundation, has become a director of FoolProof, the Florida-based turnkey consumer initiative for CUs.

The appointment of Cunningham “as a ‘go to’ source” for CUs will help in supporting FoolProof’s overall consumer advocacy campaigns run in school districts across the country, FoolProof said in a statement.

Will deHoo, FoolProof’s founder and CEO, said Cunningham, who now resides in Asheville, N.C., was “instrumental this past summer in setting up meetings with leaders of the credit union movement” to help in the financial education process.

 “I believe consumer financial education is the key to better understanding risks,” said Cunningham noting that FoolProof has been successful in offering “creative products and appropriate technology” to participating CUs and state leagues which have backed the literacy programs.

Cunningham, a former member of the CUNA Board, left USA FCU in September 2010 following the CU’s takeover by the $45 billion Navy FCU.