The 32,500 member Sooper Credit Union, headquartered in Arvada, Colo., has found a technique for helping market its mortgage products. The $242 million credit union is a client of CU Members Mortgage CUSO.

In addition to its more familiar postcard and targeted email campaign to market mortgage loans, the CU also added a personalized URL or PURL to introduce members to mortgage services. PURL’s are URLs that often incorporate the members name and lead to Web pages that are personalized to them and offer them messages especially aimed at their interests, explained Donna Ogorek, vice president of marketing and business development at the CU.

“What we found is that the PURL turned out to be very popular. The personalization of a medium which is usually pretty anonymous allowed us to cut through the static that surrounds other marketing efforts,” Ogorek said.

The credit union took in 18 new mortgage loans over the course of the campaign, which ran over March and April of this year.