The number and variety of attacks on ATMs continues apace.

In Taunton, Mass., police report apprehending Scott Michaud, 50, for allegedly attacking an ATM deployed by the Taunton Federal Credit Union early Thursday with a hatchet, according to an account in the Taunton Daily Gazette.

The 12,000-member, $130 million credit union has one branch and one ATM, according to the CU’s website.

Police allege Michaud, wearing a hat, dark glasses and gloves, was seen striking the ATM with what a caller thought might be a hammer. 

After failing to get into the machine, Michaud allegedly walked away quickly but was soon apprehended, with a hatchet found in his pocket, after only a few minutes, the report said.

Credit union staff pointed out in the story that the attack was bound to have failed.  Even if an attacker managed to get into the ATM, which was a through the wall unit, he still would not have been close to the money.